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We know that every cat is different in its own, wonderful way. That's why we've created a complete line of dry formulas, wet entrees and snacks in three distinct nutritional platforms — Savor®, Focus, and Finesse. So find the best Pro Plan® cat food formula and give the nutrition your cat needs to be graceful.

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      Three Distinct Nutritional Platforms

      Compare the Platforms of Pro Plan Dry Cat Food Focus Finesse Savor
      Compare the Platforms of
      Pro Plan Dry Cat Food
      Focus Finesse Savor
      Compare the Platforms of Pro Plan Dry Cat Food Focus Finesse Savor
      Real meat, poultry or fish #1 ingredient (except UTH formula)
      Selections for specific nutritional needs and life stages
      Selections formulated for sensitive skin and stomach
      Prebiotic fiber helps promote digestive health
      Weight management options
      Optimized for lean muscle, strength, and energy for active cats
      No added fillers or artificial flavors
      Contains at least 40% protein to help promote total body health (except UTH formula)
      Formulated to promote immune system health
      Omega fatty acids and high quality protein help and support healthy skin and a lustrous coat

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      Why Feed Your Cat Purina Pro Plan?

      Devoted cat owners want to do more to bring out the unique greatness they see in their cats. To help your cat thrive, our foods are created with both exceptional taste and extraordinary nutrition so your cat’s full potential can shine through.

      • Cat-Centric Nutrition

        While some food makers try to sway you with human trends in nutrition, our food is made with a singular focus – the needs of your cat.

      • 3 Distinct Nutritional Platforms

        Our formulas are designed to bring out the individual greatness of your cat. Choose the platform that’s right for you.

      • A History of Innovation

        With a proven track record of innovation, Purina's best ideas in feline nutrition come to market with Pro Plan.