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Give Your Dog Nutrition That Performs

Our goal is to provide nutrition that brings out the absolute best in your dog. Each of our over 60 unique Pro Plan® Dog Food formulas, crafted with pride in our own US facilities, helps dogs to be healthy and energetic while maintaining an ideal body condition and healthy skin and coat. Explore our four nutritional platforms to find the formula that's right for your dog.

Pick from 4 distinct nutritional platforms


Puppies continue to require special nutrition until between 1-2 years of age, depending on the breed. Senior dog formulas should be fed to most dogs beginning at age seven. Smaller dogs may not require a special diet until age ten to twelve, while some large breed dogs may benefit from a senior formula as early as age six. Click here to learn more about feeding senior dogs.


Breed Size

Toy: dogs under 10 pounds at maturity
Small: dogs under 20 pounds at maturity
Large: dogs over 50 pounds at maturity
Giant: dogs over 100 pounds at maturity


Special Needs

At his ideal weight, your dog's ribs will be easy to feel but not visible, with minimal fat covering them. His waist will be easily visible when viewed from above.

If there is heavy fat on the ribs, or no clear waist, your dog may require a weight management formula.