Purina® Pro Plan® Sport®

Nutrition To Support Optimal Performance In Active Dogs

Whether they’re working or competing, hunting or herding, every active dog faces unique challenges. Help him meet those challenges with targeted nutrition from the Pro Plan® SPORT® line.

Dry Foods

Fine-tuned Nutrition To Promote Strength And Endurance

For peak performance, athletic dogs should be fed food formulated to their level of activity. We designed multiple dry food formulas for the Pro Plan® SPORT® line so you can choose the right one for your dog's active lifestyle.

Nutritional Supplement Bars

Prepare and Repair

PRiME your dog for peak performance. ReFUEL him after a job well done. Together, Pro Plan® SPORT® Nutritional Supplement Bars provide extra nutrition to help prepare his body for performance and aid his muscles in recovery after activity.

Training Treats


Reward your dog with Pro Plan Training Treats. They’re made with real chicken breast, bite-sized for quick rewarding, and approximately 3 calories per piece.

P5 Training App

Better Performance Through Proper Training

The P5 training app covers everything from basic obedience to agility - all taught by the experienced trainers of the Purina® Pro Plan® Performance Team. It's available now on iOS and Android.

Special Needs

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Puppies continue to require special nutrition until between 1-2 years of age, depending on the breed. Senior dog formulas should be fed to most dogs beginning at age seven. Smaller dogs may not require a special diet until age ten to twelve, while some large breed dogs may benefit from a senior formula as early as age six. Click here to learn more about feeding senior dogs.


Breed Size

Toy: dogs under 10 pounds at maturity
Small: dogs under 20 pounds at maturity
Large: dogs over 50 pounds at maturity
Giant: dogs over 100 pounds at maturity


Special Needs

At his ideal weight, your dog's ribs will be easy to feel but not visible, with minimal fat covering them. His waist will be easily visible when viewed from above.

If there is heavy fat on the ribs, or no clear waist, your dog may require a weight management formula.



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