Inside Pudding is a Rescuer

“Somehow, he seemed to know that this was where he belonged. soon, everyone would find out why.”

She couldn’t move. She couldn’t speak. All she could do was panic. In a quiet house during the middle of the night, Amy was paralyzed by a diabetic seizure. And at that moment, it seemed like no one would be there to help. But suddenly, there was Pudding, pawing at her face. Amy only managed to push her son’s name past her lips. But that was enough. Pudding reacted, and Amy’s life was saved.

Later, Amy would say that she sensed an instant connection when she first met Pudding at the shelter. And when Pudding first arrived in his new home, it took him just a few steps to decide that he was definitely in the right place. Somehow, he seemed to know that this was where he belonged. Soon, everyone would find out why. It wasn’t long before Pudding was rousing Amy’s son from a sound sleep to save his mother’s life. If not for their new cat, he never would have known she needed help.

Now, as a registered therapy animal, Pudding goes everywhere with Amy. He loves spending days at Amy’s flower shop, and Amy loves always having him around, so they can each take care of the other.