The Purina® Pro Plan®

Incredible Dog

Event Dates

  • Eastern Regionals

    Atlanta, GA
  • Western Regionals

    Huntington Beach, CA
  • National Finals

    St. Louis, MO
    1. Friday, April 4
    2. 9:00AM Qualifying Sign Up & Registration
    3. 10:00AM Incredible Diving Dog Qualifying
    4. 11:00AM Incredible Freestyle Flying Disc Qualifying
    5. 11:45AM Incredible Fetch It Qualifying
    6. 12:15PM Lunch & Meeting
    7. 1:15PM Incredible Agility Practice
    8. 2:15PM Incredible Diving Dog Practice
    9. 2:45PM Incredible Jack Russell Hurdle Racing Practice
    10. 3:30PM Incredible 30-Weave Seeding Races
    11. 4:00PM Incredible Fetch It! Practice
    12. 4:30PM PM Freestyle Flying Disc Practice
    1. Saturday, April 5
    2. 11:15AM Agility Forerunners
    3. 11:25AM National Anthem
    4. 11:30AM Incredible Agility Competition
    5. 12:30PM Incredible Diving Dog Competition
    6. 1:15PM Incredible Jack Russell Hurdle Racing
    7. 2:00PM Incredible Fetch It! Competition
    8. 2:45PM Incredible 30-Weave Up-and-Back Competition
    9. 3:30PM Incredible Freestyle Flying Disc Competition
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