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50,000 pounds of food delivered.

Updated July 30: By sharing your stories and pictures about what makes your cat great and tagging them #MyGreatCat, you’ve helped us reach our goal of donating 50,000 pounds of food to cat rescue groups around the country through the Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® network. Your efforts have gone a long way to support the great work people are doing on behalf of cats.

While the donation drive has been completed, we invite you to continue celebrating cats with the #MyGreatCat hashtag. Learn How

*Up to 50,000 pounds.

What do pro filmmakers see in their cats?

We challenged the talented filmmakers at MOFILM to answer the question, What's so great about a cat? Then featured the work at SXSW 2014.

Watch the winning videos

Outstanding nutrition can help bring out the greatness in every cat

Three distinct nutritional platforms help you bring out the best in your cat - Savor, Focus and Finesse.