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  • "I’m a man who loves cats and I’m proud of it. Since the first day we brought her home, our cat Penelope has become a very important member of our family. I am extremely honored to work with Purina® Pro Plan® to show the world that there are lots of guys out there who love their cats.”
  • “Fin is very bold and curious. She’s always getting in your face and seeing what you’re up to. She’s super friendly with new people and even dogs when they come by and visit. My favorite part about having her in my life is taking pictures of her getting into funny situations and posting them.”
  • “Both my wife, Moriah, and I travel for a living. From the time Adelina was a kitten we brought her to concerts and she would fall asleep in the middle of arenas full of screaming people. She flies on planes and probably has more air miles than most people and loves going on walks with us, particularly at the beach. She has become an extension of our family!”
  • “Both Mr. Eggs and I work from home. I feel fortunate to have him around the house to take breaks and gossip with by the water cooler. He tells me how hard he's having to nap or how many hours he spent tracking a sinister bird outside the window, and I tell him about my client woes or artistic blocks.”
  • “George would come to our backyard every morning and night. We decided to take him in because he was too amazing to be left without a home to call his own. He’s so pampered now and he deserves it. Now he is King George and our home is his kingdom.”
  • “I didn’t choose Inny, she chose me. She’s an extremely independent cat & she really only loves me. It is so rare that she will give anyone other than me the time of day. Any time I pull out a laser or a play toy, she looks at me like, ‘I know it’s just you.’ And turns her head.”
  • “Luna is very people-oriented and loves company. One of my favorite things is that every single morning when I wake up, I find her sleeping somewhere on my bed. I can read her like a book. I always know what she wants or what she’s up to based on her body language and distinctive meows.”
  • “Kuma and I have a fantastic relationship. He’s a very good listener and loves to cuddle. I believe our relationship is quite unique as we both have the same personality. Kuma has shown me that life is too short to ever put any of our goals on ‘paws.’”
  • “Moose is my best friend. The best part about having Moose in my life is his unconditional and affectionate love. He greets me each day when I come home from work, thumping his big paws into the kitchen and squeaking out friendly meows between the yawns from waking from his afternoon nap.”
  • “When we first met, Tesla was a bobble-headed kitten. We instantly bonded. He made his way over to me and made himself at home in my lap. From that moment forward he was my guy. We have been able to make a connection, something that is harder for me to do with people.”
  • “We have a connection like no other. The best part about having them in my life is just coming home, making music in the studio with them jumping all over me, watching TV and having them lay on me or just sitting on my hat. I’m the cat rapper – all I do is play the music and they come running.”
  • “Beamer was a rescue. I first saw him when walking through the shelter facility, and knew he was the guy I needed to take home. Although Beamer is a cat, he acts like a typical dog – greets me at the door when I get home, lays on his back, plays fetch and comes when I call him – he’s incredible.”

Thank you to all who entered and shared your photos with us!

Working with proud cat guy and “Devious Maids” actor Gilles Marini, we’ve taken a step toward shredding perceptions about  dry cat food, and about the types of people who love cats. Because they’re not just wonderful women. They’re also extraordinary men.

The eleven winners were selected and featured in the 2016 Pro Plan® Extraordinary Men & Cats Calendar. They were also awarded the grand prize of a year’s supply of Purina® Pro Plan® Savor® Shredded Blend. Final calendars were be donated to our Purina® Pro Plan® Rally to Rescue® groups for fundraising, to help support them as they work to give all cats the love, care and forever homes they deserve!


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