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As a devoted cat owner, you want to ensure your cat is getting everything needed to help live a great life. So when it comes to understanding what cat food is best for your cat, it’s important to consider all of your options – including wet cat food and dry cat food options. There are many benefits to feeding your cat a high-quality wet food, like Purina® Pro Plan®. For instance:

  • Wet cat food is typically extremely high in protein*, which helps to meet a cat's natural needs as a carnivore

  • Wet cat food mimics the variety of tastes and textures cats would find naturally in the wild - Purina® Pro Plan® offers over 60 wet entrées to choose from

  • Wet cat food contains high moisture levels, and can help contribute to water intake

  • Older cats can often have trouble chewing crunchy, dry cat food, making wet cat food a viable option to help them receive balanced nutrition

To get the benefits of wet cat food and dry cat food, we recommend using both for an optimal combination - dry cat food working to help keep teeth clean, and wet cat food providing the high protein, moisture and variety cats desire.

Explore our wet cat food to find the formula that will help your cat live an extraordinary life.

*As dry matter, before water sufficient for processing has been added.


Get our expert recommendation for the right Purina® Pro® Plan® formula for your cat’s unique traits and preferences.

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