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To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Incredible Dog Challenge we wanted to celebrate incredible dogs everywhere, we invited dog owners to tell us what makes their dog incredible and for every entry we received, we donated one pound of food to our charity partner, America’s VetDogs. We’re proud to announce we were able to donate 15,015 lbs!

Incredible Dog Stories

The athletic abilities of Incredible Dog Challenge competitors aren’t the only traits that make a dog incredible. Scroll through to read some of †he incredible stories shared during our Call for Incredible.
  • Winston </br>Incredible Paper Boy
    Winston loves to go get the paper every morning.
  • Chaba </br>Incredibly Happy
    Chaba sometimes does flips while catching her mini tennis balls, bounces through the snow like a little bunny, can growl an intelligible, “I love you,” and smiles on command.
  • Faith </br>Incredible Citizen
    Faith is a rescue dog and a recipient of the AKC Good Citizenship award. She loves to surf in her spare time.
  • Gia Bell Blue </br>Incredible Companion
    Gia Bell Blue is a traveler who goes everywhere with her owner. Her favorite mode of transportation? The backpack!
  • Molly </br>Incredible Volunteer
    Molly is a rescue malipoo who volunteers her time at a local hospital where she visits sick and injured patients.
  • Magnum </br>Incredible Big Brother
    Magnum was the “first born” of the family but adjusted to his new little (human) sister. They share an incredible bond.
  • Mike </br>Incredible Alert Dog
    Mike is trained as a seizure alert dog and can open doors and bring keys or other dropped items to his owner. He’s also a constant companion.
  • Galaxie </br>Incredible Game Changer
    Galaxie if a service dog from America’s VetDogs. He’s a great traveler and can pull the wheelchair in a pinch, plus he keeps up with all the crazy adventures of his owner!
  • Rico </br>Incredible Military Dog
    Rico served his country protecting the president, vice president, and other foreign dignitaries during visits to Europe.
  • Nalu </br>Incredibly Messy
    Nalu is incredible at tracking mud into the house.
  • Dorothy </br>Incredible Inspiration
    Dorothy has motivated her owner to start running. They get a good workout and enjoy the quality time together.
  • Big Sur </br>Incredibly Agile
    Big Sur used to be a conformation dog but found his love for agility. He and his owner have a blast training together!
Incredible America’s VetDogs Story

Aura is not an incredible athlete, but she is an incredible service dog. In fact, she acts as her owner’s ears after she lost most of her hearing due to an explosion while serving in Afghanistan in 2005.


“Aura hears everything for me now. She is remarkable. She allows me to hike without fear, go to stores and live a normal life. She has changed everything for me. I now enjoy the freedom that I had lost due to injuries, freedom that is so very precious to me. I received Aura, free of cost, from America’s VetDogs and the Veteran Administration covers her vet bills because they losing my hearing is like losing a limb.”

Salute the Incredible

Our 20th anniversary celebration comes to a close aboard the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, CA on November. 7th. Catch the broadcast of this exciting event featuring elite canine athletes and brave military dogs. Check our channel finder for more information.


Since 2003, America’s VetDogs has trained and placed guide and service dogs to provide independence, enhanced mobility, and companionship to veterans with disabilities from all eras. In 2015, VetDogs opened its programs to first responders, including fire, police and emergency medical personnel.

For 20 years, we’ve been giving incredible canine athletes the stage to showcase their amazing athletic abilities. Tune in to NBC to see the exciting races, weaves, catches, fetches, jumps and splashes of the Incredible Dog Challenge Finals on January 28, 2018.

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