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It takes coordination, skill, and focus to weave quickly between 30 poles, make a perfect turn at the end, and then weave through the poles again – but that’s what it takes to complete the 30 Weave Up and Back.

Dogs with speed, focus, and drive excel at 30 Weave, but lots of dogs enjoy the fun and challenge of weaving through the poles. At the Purina® Pro Plan® Incredible Dog Challenge (IDC), 30 Weave Up and Back is one of the most exciting events to watch.


The elements of the sport are

  • A dog that’s in good physical condition and has good balance
  • 30 weave poles spaced 24 inches apart
  • A clean outdoor area with even ground and no large obstacles


In the 30 Weave Up and Back event at IDC, each dog must complete the following:

  • From the starting line, run through the weave poles, completing each pole
  • At the end of the poles, run through the agility tunnel at the end to turn around
  • Run through the weave poles in the opposite direction, completing each pole. Each dog runs head-to-head against one other dog, and the fastest dog moves on to the next level of competition.

Official Rules


If you have an outdoor area with enough space, you can get started with 30 Weave Up and Back on your own.

To start training your dog for 30 Weave, the first thing you need is a set of weave poles. There are lots of poles available for purchase online, as well as instructions on how to make your own.

Once you’ve got a set of poles, it’s important to start slowly so your dog understands what you’re asking him to do. Begin training your dog with only two poles, leading him through the poles and rewarding him when he reaches the other side. Check out this video.

 from the P5 Training App for more tips.

After your dog has mastered two poles, you can work up to larger numbers of poles, as well as increasing in speed.

For video lessons and to track your dog’s progress, download the P5 Training App for Android or iOS.

For more information and hands-on help, find one of the clubs or dog gyms all over the country with facilities and knowledgeable staff. Just do a quick search online to locate one nearest you.

30 Weave Up and Back is one of the most challenging events at IDC, and one of the most satisfying to master with your dog. It’s also one of the elements of the agility course, so if you and your dog are working on weave poles, you should also think about checking out other agility obstacles. Whatever you do, make sure you and your dog are enjoying the time you spend together on his fancy footwork.