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The first year of life is crucial in your puppy’s development. High-quality nutrition during this time is important to help strengthen his rapidly developing bones and teeth, support his body functions and promote a healthy, shiny coat.

Look for puppy foods containing DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid also found in mother’s milk, for brain and vision development. Also look for high levels of antioxidants to help to support your puppy’s developing immune system.

How do you find the best puppy food for your new pet? Purina® Pro Plan® offers a range of high-quality puppy food formulas, each one designed to meet the specific needs of your new puppy. Dry puppy foods like Purina® Pro Plan® Savor® Puppy Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula, Focus Puppy Chicken & Rice Formula or Focus Puppy Lamb & Rice Formula each contain DHA from omega-rich fish oil to help nourish brain and vision development. Each Purina® Pro Plan® dry puppy food includes high-quality protein and real meat or poultry as the #1 ingredient, plus antioxidants to help support a developing immune system, and minerals to help build strong teeth and bones.

Dry dog foods like Pro Plan® Focus Puppy Toy Breed Formula or Pro Plan® Focus Puppy Small Breed Formula are specially designed to meet the needs of highly active small dogs, plus contain easy-to-chew, bite-sized kibble. For large breed puppies, Pro Plan® Focus Puppy Large Breed Formula features natural sources of glucosamine to help support developing joints.


As your puppy grows, so will his nutritional requirements. The general rule of thumb is to switch your dog from puppy food to an adult food when he’s done growing. This is typically around his first birthday, but if you have a larger breed, it can take up to two years. Ask your veterinarian when the right time is to begin transitioning your puppy to a high-quality adult dog food.


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