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How to determine which dog weight loss food or cat weight loss food is right for your pet.

You and your veterinarian have determined that your pet would benefit from a dog weight loss food or a cat weight loss food. Now that you’ve made this important decision, there is another equally important choice to make. That is, what type of weight loss formula to feed your pet?

If you’re like most pet owners, you may not realize that there is more than one dietary approach to pet weight loss. This will affect which pet food formula you choose. For example, the Purina® Pro Plan® brand offers two types of weight loss formulas. Both offer quality, complete and balanced nutrition. However, each works in a different way to help achieve your pet’s ideal body condition.

Continuous Calorie Restriction

Continuous Calorie Restriction, or CCR, is the traditional weight-loss method most pet owners know best. Simply put, a CCR diet is one that restricts calories continuously, on a daily basis.

Pet owners who choose this type of diet to help their pet lose weight need to make sure that in the process of cutting calories, they don’t cut back on nutrition needed to maintain good health. This is why it’s important to choose a quality dog weight loss food or cat weight loss food like Purina® Pro Plan® Focus Adult Weight Management Formulas.

Pro Plan® Focus Adult Weight Management Formulas for dogs contains 25% less fat than Pro Plan® Savor® Shredded Blend Chicken & Rice Formula for adult dogs, in a complete and balanced meal that provides high-quality protein, including chicken as the first ingredient, plus natural prebiotic fiber to help promote digestive health. For cats, Pro Plan® Focus Adult Weight Management Formula includes 20% less fat than Pro Plan® Savor® Adult Chicken & Rice formula, in a high-protein diet with chicken as the first ingredient, plus natural prebiotic fiber and antioxidants.

Intermittent Calorie Restriction

For pet owners seeking a different approach, Intermittent Calorie Restriction, or ICR, offers an innovative new option that has been shown to be effective for restricting calories and promoting weight loss. Instead of continuously restricting calories, the ICR approach alternates calorie restriction weeks and non-restriction weeks.

This is the design behind Purina® Pro Plan® Simply FitTM. Available for both dogs and cats, this patented ICR system* includes not just a single dog weight loss food or a cat weight loss food, but two foods: one with a “maintenance” amount of calories, and one with 25% less calories per serving. By feeding these foods on an alternating weekly schedule, pet owners change the amount of calories their pets take in over time, without reducing the size of the meals they feed.

ICR is not a “crash diet” or a quick fix. Rather, it’s an efficient way to help pets safely lose weight over time. But like any successful diet, it needs to be followed consistently. Fortunately, pet’s love the taste and owners find it easy to stick to. An ICR diet can also offer the benefits of continuously active metabolism and maintaining lean muscle mass—two things that are important to your pet’s overall good health.

To figure out whether a CCR or ICR approach is right for your dog or cat, consider a conversation with your veterinarian. He or she can help you more confidently choose the best approach to help your pet achieve healthy weight loss and an ideal body condition.

*The Simply Fit™feeding system is covered by one or more of the following patents:
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