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Michon first grew to love the Belgian Malinois in her work as a Sergeant Deputy Sheriff working with a K9 officer partner. Maverick, her K9 partner, was more than just a working dog – he was a friend and companion for 14 years.

But even the strongest of dogs doesn’t live forever, and, in 2010, Maverick’s days came to a peaceful end. It took Michon over a year before she was willing to get another puppy – but when the time came, Inde was waiting for her.

Though Michon originally had her heart set on another male dog, like Maverick, it didn’t take long for Inde’s personality to win her over. “Once we started working together,” says Michon, “her desire to please and ability to learn anything with very little training quickly opened my eyes to the amazing dog that I had.”

Among other events, Michon and Inde compete in Diving Dog at the Incredible Dog Challenge. Diving Dog is all about speed and agility, but also requires focus and teamwork from dog and owner. In Diving Dog, each dog gets two chances to take a running leap from the edge of a dock into a long pool – the dog who makes the longest jump (measured by the furthest point forward when the chest hits the water) is declared the winner.

Together, Michon and Inde have become an unstoppable team, winning several different diving and distance competitions, including the 2014 Incredible Dog Challenge Diving Dog Event. With a distance of 30 feet 10 inches, Inde’s dive set a record for the longest ever dive at IDC. See Inde’s winning dive

It’s the deep bond between Michon and Inde, rather than winning, that’s the reason Michon loves competing. In her words, “The intensity and focus she has when she looks at me melts my heart.  We have developed an incredible bond and have become such a strong team… Inde has not replaced the spot in my heart that my police dog has; she has created her own spot in my heart and filled the void that he left.  I cannot imagine my life without her.”

Competing in IDC – or just training on your own – isn’t always about winning events or setting records. It’s about spending time with a companion who has more potential for both performance and affection than you may ever have thought possible. We’ll leave it to Michon, who says it best, “The journey that I am on with this incredible girl is creating memories that will last a lifetime.”

Create your own memories of a lifetime – find out what it takes to get started.