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As a high-quality source of protein, real salmon is an ingredient that helps support total body health – in dogs as well as people. That’s just one reason it has become such a popular ingredient in dog food recipes.

The nutrients found in salmon offer your dog a whole host of healthy benefits:

  • As a quality protein, salmon supplies your dog’s body with amino acids, to help promote an ideal body condition and support strong muscles, including a healthy heart. Amino acids also nourish muscles, including during the crucial time immediately following exercise. In addition, they help support your dog’s immune system, and nourish healthy skin and coat.
  • Salmon also provides omega-3 fatty acids including DHA. DHA is considered essential for puppies and must be provided in the dog’s diet since your dog’s body cannot make DHA to support proper brain and vision development. For dogs that are pregnant or lactating, omega-3 fatty acids are vital to proper development of the brains and retinas of their puppies.
  • Another omega-3 fatty acid salmon provides is EPA, which helps support joint health and mobility.

Salmon and rice dog food formulas have a taste many dogs love. In combination with the nutritional value of salmon, this is yet another reason why you’re likely seeing salmon and rice dog food formulas offered by quality brands such as Purina® Pro Plan® at your local pet specialty store.

Real salmon is the first ingredient in these Purina® Pro Plan® formulas:

Salmon is also an ingredient in these Purina® Pro Plan® formulas:

Like all Pro Plan® products, these formulas are created to provide complete and balanced nutrition to help bring out the very best in your dog. Each is backed by more than 85 years of product research, and the expertise of more than 500 scientists, including veterinarians and nutritionists on staff at Purina®.

When combined with other high-quality ingredients, formulas like these, made with real salmon, can help keep your dog at his healthy best. For questions about whether a salmon dog food formula is right for your dog, ask your veterinarian and visit