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Incredible Dog Challenge Sources

1. Dogs burn fat at almost twice the rate of humans

A diet that's high in fat and protein can increase an active dog's metabolism and his endurance.


Reynolds et al., Iams Nutrition symposium,1996, Nutrient Requirements of Dogs and Cats in Nutrition Research Council 2008, Ch. 11, pp 285-287

2. Incredible Sprinters

During sprint racing, dogs will burn energy at a rate 3 times greater during the initial burst of acceleration (first 7.5 seconds) compared to rate of burning energy during the rest of the run (up to 1 min).


Staaden, Ross. The exercise physiology of the racing greyhound. PhD thesis, Murdoch University. 1984

3. Incredible Energy

A dog’s muscles store 50x more energy as fat when compared to the total amount of carbohydrates stored in muscle as glycogen.


Internal calculation based on estimates of body fat and muscle glycogen content from Kobryn and Brzezinska, 1978

4. Small Dog. Big Jumps.

Most small dogs can jump 6 times higher than their hip height.


Misty May/Incredible Dog Science Video (as approved by Dr. Zanghi)

5. One giant leap

On a pound for pound basis, dogs can produce more muscle power in comparison to humans which is one reason they can jump so high and so far.


Misty May/Incredible Dog Science Video (as approved by Dr. Zanghi)

6. Not Carbs.

A dog's main energy source comes from fat, not carbs.


The data came from Arleigh Reynolds in 1995, as data published in abstract form. Reynolds and Coworkers, FASEB Journal, 1995.

7. VO2 Max

Concentrated Nutrition of SPORT 30/20 helps optimize oxygen metabolism for increased endurance.


SPORT 30/20 product claim.