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When Mary adopted her Jack Russell, Scout, from a local rescue, she knew right away he was going to make a huge difference in her life. 

“He is a wonderful little dog with a big heart,” she says, and, “he brings me immense happiness.” But what she didn’t know was that his big heart was also the heart of an Incredible Dog Challenge champion.

Scout, a 6-year-old Jack Russell, won the 2014 PPP IDC Championship in Jack Russell Hurdle Racing – an impressive feat, since it involves winning qualifying and championship heats in regionals and nationals against some of the fastest dogs in the country.

Jack Russell Hurdle racing tests the speed and focus of the terriers who compete. During every run, each dog has to give it his all, flying down the field and over each of three low hurdles, then through the padded hole on the other side to cross the finish line. The first dog to cross the line is the winner, and will either move on to the next heat or earn the title of champion.

In Mary’s words, “He [Scout] always has a surprise for me when he is competing. He just gets better and better.” That was certainly the case during Scout’s winning 2014 run. It was a close contest against five other dogs with incredible skills – but, in the end, by just a few inches, Scout had the focus and speed to win the day

But it’s not just Scout’s speed that makes him an incredible dog – it’s his personality. As Mary says, “He is the love of my life… He brings me immense happiness… I call him wiggle butt because he is always so happy. I am sure that one of these days he will wiggle it off.”

It’s the winning personality of IDC champions, and their bonds with their owners, that make them truly incredible dogs. And it’s why every dog has what it takes to be incredible – whether it’s on the IDC field or at home in the backyard.