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Making the incredible possible

We’re proud to not only give incredible dogs the platform they deserve to show off their amazing athletic feats, but also to fuel incredible dogs like yours. Purina® Pro Plan® can provide him with the nutrition he needs to be incredible – on the competition field and in his everyday life.
2017 Incredible Dog Challenge
USS Midway Results
  • Small Dog Agility Speed and precision helped these dogs come out on top.
    Small Dog Agility Champion </br>Bella, Karen Beattie Massey </br> Time: 38.53
    2nd: Dot, Antonia Rotelle
    3rd: Porky Pig, Kama Rueschenberg
  • Large Dog Agility Speed and precision helped these dogs come out on top.
    Large Dog Agility Champion </br>Journey, Stacy Peardot </br>Time: 34.80
    2nd: Force, Kim Terrill
    3rd: Popeye, Jubie Rueschenberg
  • 30 Weave Up & Back The fastest obstacle weavers of the day.




  • Freestyle Flying Disc Athletic prowess and showmanship earned these routines top scores.
    Freestyle Flying Disc Champion </br>Vibe, Danielle O’Neill </br>Points: 89.6
    2nd: Shadow, Lane Wood
    3rd: Tabasco, Bettina Koch
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Explore by Event
Bring out the incredible in your dog
  • Agility
    Speed, precision and dog/owner teamwork are key to running the challenge course, made up of a variety of jumps, A-frames, tunnels and other obstacles.
  • 30-Weave Up & Back
    30 Weave Up & Back
    Speed, dexterity and focus allow dogs to run through the tight set of poles as fast as they can.
  • Diving Dog & Fetch It
    Diving Dog & Fetch It
    Patience and athletic ability help diving dogs push the limits of gravity and achieve long, incredible jumps into a pool.
  • Freestyle Flying Disc
    Freestyle Flying Disc
    Creativity, top-notch skills and amazing teamwork make up this entertaining event.
  • Jack Russell Hurdle Racing
    Jack Russell Hurdle Racing
    Speed and focus are the traits needed in the high-energy Jack Russell hurdle races.
  • Surf Dog
    Surf Dog
    Surf dogs use balance and ultimate skills to keep themselves on top of the waves.

Is your dog an amazing athlete? Find out more about how to qualify and compete in the 2017 Incredible Dog Challenge.

Fuel your incredible pet.

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