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What if your dog's food could feed his brain?
What if your older dog could think more like his younger self?
Fuel Your Dog's Mind
<p>From less interaction with you, to less interest in daily activities, there are many signs your dog may be aging. But what if your older dog didn’t have to act his age?</p> <p>Our experts have been studying aging and the effect of nutrition since 2003. This research led to the remarkable discovery that nutrition can indeed make a difference.</p>
What if you could support your dog's physical and cognitive health?
Help Support Your Dog's Cognitive Health
<p>Nutrition can have a positive impact on a dog's cognitive health.</p> <p>At Purina® Pro Plan®, we discovered a specific blend of nutrients that can nourish the brain, helping a dog live up to his full potential.</p>
Senior Dog Food Comparison Chart
<p>Dogs have different nutritional needs beginning around age 7.</p> <p>Does your dog's food support them?</p>
<p>We guarantee outstanding quality and taste. If for any reason you're not satisfied, simply let us know why. Include the information in the "BEST IF USED BY" date box and the weight circle. Send within 60 days of date on receipt along with your original purchase receipt with the price circled, a brief explanation of why you were dissatisfied with the product, and your name and street address (P.O. Box not accepted) to:</p> <p>Mail to: Pro Plan Satisfaction Guarantee<br />Office of Consumer Affairs<br />P.O. Box 2530<br />Largo, FL 33779</p>
The Canine Cognition Podcast
<p>Hosted by canine cognition expert, Dr. Brian Hare, takes a peek into the inner workings of a dog’s brain through the lens of human cognition.</p>
Find out if Bright Mind&reg; is right for your dog.
<p>Get our expert recommendation for the right dry formula to meet your dog's nutritional needs.</p>