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Performance Nutrition

Whether they’re working or competing, hunting or herding, every active dog faces unique challenges. Help your dog meet those challenges with targeted nutrition from the Pro Plan® SPORT® nutritional platform.
  • Fine-tuned protein-to-fat ratios to match different levels of activity
  • Helps maintain lean muscle mass
  • Our 3 dry formulas are a great choice for active dogs


What people are saying about Pro Plan

“After feeding other more expensive foods to my show Standard Poodles, I have had no luck keeping weight on them until I switched them to the Pro Plan 30/20 formula! My dogs love it, their stool is nice and solid…. We won't be switching to anything else again.” - 4FurryFeet 5 Star Online Review
“I have fed this to my hunting/trail dogs for years with excellent results. It gives them great coats, they love the taste and truly seem to recover quickly after a hard day of training or hunting” - Tate 5 Star Online Review