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How do we support those devoted to rescue pets in need?
In every way imaginable.

The staffs at rescue groups dedicate their lives to helping pets when none else will. Purina® Pro Plan® is with them every step of the way, providing high-quality nutrition, financial support, marketing materials and networking opportunities to the independent rescue organizations in the Rally to Rescue® network. And we’re always seeking new ways to raise awareness and help these groups carry on their great work in giving adoptable pets the care they need and the loving homes they deserve.
  • 400+ Rescues Supported
    We provide high-quality Purina® Pro Plan® nutrition, promotional materials and more to hundreds of small rescue groups across the country.
    The tireless efforts of our rescue groups help save an endless number of rescued pets, and provide them with the love, care and forever homes they deserve.
    Since the program first began in 2005, we’ve donated over 2.5 million pounds of Purina® Pro Plan® to rescue groups nationwide. It’s our way of helping rescued dogs and cats receive high-quality nutrition to help them thrive.
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  • Tessa & Nina
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  • Nemasket Orphaned Animal Haven
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Find a Rally to Rescue® organization near you

With over 400 small rescue organizations across the country, there’s likely one in your community. Reach out to one near you to get involved – volunteer your time, foster a cat or dog, or even adopt a new pet of your own.
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    Check out our EVENTS calendar to take part in a Rally to Rescue® event in your area.

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