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Does your pet love Purina® Pro Plan®? Please take a moment to tell us about your experience with any of our products. Your feedback can be a major help to people as they shop for the right nutrition for their pets.
I feed my Newfoundland Pro Plan and he looks amazing. Coat is gorgeous, skin clear and fabulous muscle tone! He has amazing stamina for all our activities, water, carting and showing! No wonder the top show dogs are fed this! My Newfoundland is from Australia and his Breeder also feed Pro Plan.”
– Susan Georgia
Cat Products
I have been feeding Lou Purina Pro Plan wet food for the past four years. The white meat chicken and vegetable entree is his number 1 favorite. It's consistently a high quality product with lots of chicken and gravy. He is Mr. Finnicky and he always love this!”
– Buddymom 5 Star Online Review